Conference Information

Conference Language

Official conference language is English. Main lectures (keynotes) and some stated workshops will be translated into German by simultaneous interpretation. Headphones for translation will be available at the registration desk. As a warrenty you will need to deposit your ID card. In case of loss or damage of the headphone*s* you will be charged € 280.

Registration Desk
You will find the registration desk at the basement floor of the main foyer (room C). Main registration will take place on Friday, June 3rd from 8.00 am to 9.30 am.

Information Desk
An information desk will be present during the whole conference, you are welcome to contact it with your questions.

Name Badges
You will receive your name badge during registration process, it will serve as admission control for the different events. Please wear your name badge visibly during the whole event.

If you booked a half day voucher for ECOTS you will get a name badge in a special color together with the voucher, which allows you to participate in the booked half day event. Please wear that name badge visibly during the half day at ECOTS.

Certificates of Attendance
Certificates of attendance will be handed out after the internal closing on Saturday, June 4th.

Mayor's Reception
Friday June 3rd, City Hall, 7.30 pm - 10.00 pm
If you registered for free for the mayor’s reception you will receive an invitation card that will be required for admission to this event. IMPORTANT: If you are registered please make sure that you really take part, because we have to pay up to 25 Euros for those who do not show up as the City of Vienna explicitly does not want to spoil taxes for “not used” invitations and charges us their funding (which is half of the price). If you decide not to participate in the short term, please see us at the registration.

Conference Party
Saturday, June 4th, Palmery, 8.00 pm
If you registered for the conference party you will receive a separate ticket for the party. Please show it at the entrance of the “Palmenhaus”.

Guidelines about Smoking
Austrian law prohibits smoking at the venue of the conference.

Responsibility and Insurance
The participation in the conference occurs completely at one's own risk. The conference organization, EMDR-Netzwerk Österreich, EMDR Europe and the conference office, University of Vienna Event Management are not liable and won't replace any damage, which could happen to participants during the conference, except cases, in which the Austrian law specifi es something different.


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